Hovsep Afarian

T 416 956 5093

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Hovsep is a recognized “go to” insurance expert who achieves the best results for policyholder clients with complex insurance disputes. He...
Rahool Agarwal

Rahool Agarwal

T 416 645 1787

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Rahool brings a combination of creative thinking, meticulous preparation and strong courtroom advocacy to each of his cases. His approach is practical...

Ronke Akinyemi

T 416 956 0114

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Ronke is a tenacious and pragmatic advocate. She is a creative thinker who prioritizes careful consideration of complex issues to achieve the best out...

Brendan Bohn

T 416 956 5084

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Brendan is a tenacious advocate determined to get the best results for his clients. Business-focused, Brendan works to resolve disputes using a p...

Maya Bretgoltz

T 416 956 0111

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Maya develops innovative solutions to complex legal issues. She takes a practical and results-driven approach to representing and assisting her client...
Lars Brusven

Lars Brusven

T 416 645 5076

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Lars knows that effective advocacy requires a firm grasp of complex details and a steady focus on the greater strategic and business goals. He puts th...
Nadia Campion

Nadia Campion

T 416 642 3134

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Nadia’s tenacity and extensive courtroom experience instill confidence in her clients. Unwavering in her commitment to delivering results, she i...

Michael Currie

T 416 956 1147

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Michael is a skilled advocate and problem-solver. He is resolute in pursuing his clients' goals and achieving optimal results in court and in arbitrat...
Paul Fruitman

Paul Fruitman

T 416 596 2870

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An experienced commercial litigator and trial lawyer, Paul thrives on the challenge of building strategies for complex cases.  Paul’s tenac...

Matthew Gottlieb

T 416 644 5353

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Commentary from Chambers, Benchmark and our clients states that Matt — “… ranks among the market’s leading trial lawyers,&rdq...
HAJI_Aly- 10271

Aly Háji

T 416 956 5089

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Aly’s unique interdisciplinary background and experience in the sciences and business strategy enable him to develop creative and agile solution...

Niklas Holmberg

T 416 645 3787

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Niklas’ diverse practice gives him the insight and experience to obtain the best results for his clients within the unique circumstances of each...

David Ionis

T 416 956 0117

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David is a clear-thinking advocate who thrives when confronting complex issues. He approaches cases with his strong research and writing skills, an im...

Katelyn Johnstone

T 416 956 5092

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Katelyn is developing a broad litigation practice. Before joining Lax O’Sullivan, Katelyn clerked at the British Columbia Court of Appeal and sp...

Shaun Laubman

T 416 360 8481

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Shaun provides clients with peace of mind and confidence that even their most challenging cases are in the hands of a highly skilled and persuasive li...
PHOTOS_400x600px_Matt Law-0564

Matthew Law

T 416 849 9050

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Clients describe Matt as a trusted advisor who understands their business and is responsive to their needs.  Clients also appreciate Matt's calm ...

Xin Lu (Crystal) Li

T 416 956 0112

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Crystal listens and cares. She is a versatile and tenacious litigator who is devoted to achieving the best outcomes for clients. Her approach to ...

Jonathan Lisus

T 416 598 7873

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Clients trust Jonathan to handle their most difficult and complex problems. "Jonathan Lisus is in a class of his own. He is one of the best litigators...

William Maidment

T 416 596 5099

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Will brings analytical rigor and creativity of thought to his cases. He is committed to the pursuit and protection of his clients’ interests. &n...

John Carlo Mastrangelo

T 416 956 0101

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John Carlo is a methodical litigator who enjoys tackling complex legal problems. He delivers solutions that are innovative, analytical and results dri...

Paul Michell

T 416 644 5359

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A highly experienced and versatile litigator, Paul excels at resolving complex issues through innovative litigation strategies. Clients trust him to p...
Vivien Milat

Vivien Milat

T 416 644 5341

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Vivien brings innovation and extensive expertise to the prosecution of document-intensive cases and management of e-discovery projects. He strategical...

Tyler Morrison

T 416 956 5100

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Tyler is a results-oriented litigator who uses practical strategies to create positive results for clients. Tyler combines his knowledge of the law wi...

Zain Naqi

T 416 645 3789

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Zain is a business-minded litigator who combines smart advocacy with practical problem-solving. Clients count on Zain’s sharp focus and strategi...

Annecy Pang

T 416 956 5098

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Annecy is a tireless advocate. She is dedicated to creating effective solutions to clients’ complex challenges.

Cole Pizzo

T 416 956 0106

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Cole employs his unique knowledge of the courts to achieve the best results for his clients. He understands that persuasive advocacy is marked by stra...
Crawford Smith

Crawford Smith

T 416 598 8648

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Crawford is a smart and courageous courtroom advocate. In 2023, Crawford was named Ontario Litigator of the Year by Benchmark Litigation. He is also r...
Phil Underwood

Philip Underwood

T 416 645 5078

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Phil recognizes the underlying interests in any dispute and focuses on providing solutions that create value and maintain important relationships for ...

Brad Vermeersch

T 416 646 7997

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Passionate about his work and deeply knowledgeable in commercial litigation, Brad delivers strategic and creative legal solutions that are grounded in...

Andrew Winton

T 416 644 5342

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A highly persuasive advocate, Andrew provides practical and strategic guidance to help clients achieve the best possible results.

Patrick Wodhams

T 416 956 0116

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Patrick is dedicated to approaching his clients' issues from multiple angles. He strives to combine a sophisticated approach to the law with a practic...
WONG_Agatha- 10694

Agatha Wong

T 416 956 5091

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Agatha listens to her clients. She is a skilled and creative advocate who delivers smart solutions to unique legal issues.
ZETUSIAN_Melanie- 10391

Melanie Zetusian

T 416 956 5090

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Melanie is a dedicated and thoughtful advocate with a drive to excel. She combines a critical mindset with meticulous research, writing, and analytica...


Cliff Lax

Clifford Lax

T 416 598 0988

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Firm Co-Founder Practice restricted to Dispute Resolution*
Terry OSullivan

Terrence O'Sullivan

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Firm Co-Founder Practice restricted to Dispute Resolution* In Memoriam It is with profound sadness that we advise that our wonderful friend and part...



Tanzim Rashid

T 416 956 5087

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Tanzim is committed to building a dynamic and well-rounded civil litigation practice. 

Joanna Vasiliou

T 416 956 5088

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Joanna is a creative thinker and tenacious advocate. She approaches complex legal issues with confidence and is committed to driving strategic outcome...

Law Clerks


Stephanie Conte

T 416 956 5085

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Stephanie is confident, creative and technology-driven. Her skills in eDiscovery are a vital asset on any file.

Daniel Kim

T 416 956 5095

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Daniel is resourceful, thorough, and tech-savvy.

Ashley McKnight

T 416 644 5347

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Ashley is dedicated, diligent and tech-savvy. Her commitment to producing excellent work product is an invaluable asset on any file.

Business Team


Bilal Khan

T 416 644 5351

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Bilal is a trusted business advisor who combines his people, analytical and problem-solving skills with a growth and digital mindset to deliver except...

Leo Wan

T 416 956 5083

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Leo adopts a methodical and pragmatic approach to support the firm in achieving its strategic business goals and brand-building efforts.

Jessica Zhi

T 416 644 4016

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Jessica’s organizational and collaborative skills, together with her energy and enthusiasm, are key to the success of our team. Jessica is detai...