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LOLG is a leading independent litigation firm with experienced and passionate advocates who specialize in complex litigation. We are engaged in precedent-setting, high-profile disputes. Public and private enterprises and individuals trust us to advance their critical cases and rely on our judgment to manage their most serious reputational risk. Our partners are leaders of the profession. Our associates are current and future stars.


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Rahool Agarwal


T 416 645 1787

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Rahool brings a combination of creative thinking, meticulous preparation and strong courtroom advocacy to each of his cases. His approach is practical...

Ryann Atkins


T 416 646 7998

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Ryann is highly effective at building strategic cases for her clients and designing litigation solutions that achieve her clients’ objectives an...

Meghan Blom


T 416 956 1141

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After spending countless hours reviewing written submissions and observing oral arguments in court, Meghan knows what persuasive advocacy looks like a...

Lars Brusven


T 416 645 5076

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Lars knows that effective advocacy for his clients requires a firm grasp of complex details and a steady focus on the greater strategic and business g...

Vlad Calina


T 416 956 1143

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Vlad has in-depth knowledge of the law and takes a creative approach to complex legal issues. Pragmatic and focused on client service, Vlad crafts inn...

Nadia Campion


T 416 642 3134

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Nadia’s tenacity and extensive courtroom experience instill confidence in her clients. Unwavering in her commitment to delivering results, she i...

Connia Chen


T 416 956 1146

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Connia takes a fearless approach to advocating for her clients. Her determination, passion and ability to think outside the box leads to creative solu...

Michael Currie


T 416 956 1147

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Michael is a skilled advocate and problem-solver who instills confidence in his clients.  He is resolute in pursuing his clients' goals while mai...

Paul Fruitman


T 416 596 2870

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An experienced commercial litigator and trial lawyer, Paul thrives on the challenge of building strategies for complex cases.  Paul’s tenac...

Matthew Gottlieb


T 416 644 5353

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Matt’s extensive track record of success in complex, high-stakes disputes explains why he has been recognized as one of Canada’s top litig...

Christopher Grisdale


T 416 956 1142

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Chris looks for unconventional solutions to complex legal problems while keeping a keen eye on case strategy.  He knows that effective advocacy r...

Niklas Holmberg


T 416 645 3787

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Niklas has broad experience in a range of complex disputes. His diverse practice gives him the insight and experience to obtain the best results for h...

Lilly Iannacito


T 416 849 9049

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Lilly provides efficient, timely and cost-effective services to clients by assisting and supporting lawyers at every stage of the litigation process, ...

Leslie Koornneef


T 416 644 5351

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Leslie’s drive and attention to detail are key to supporting the firm’s ability to adapt to changing client expectations, while maintainin...

Shaun Laubman


T 416 360 8481

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Shaun provides clients with peace of mind and confidence that even their most challenging cases are in the hands of a highly skilled and persuasive li...

Matthew Law


T 416 849 9050

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Clients describe Matt as a trusted advisor who understands their business and is responsive to their needs.  Clients also appreciate Matt's calm ...

Clifford Lax


T 416 598 0988

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Firm Co-Founder Practice restricted to Dispute Resolution*

Mitchell Lightowler


T 416 956 1145

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Mitchell is an experienced commercial litigator who has worked with a variety of clients across a number of different industries and jurisdictions. Mi...

Jonathan Lisus


T 416 598 7873

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Clients trust Jonathan to handle their most difficult and complex problems.  He has earned a reputation as “one of the best litigators in t...

John Carlo Mastrangelo


T 416 956 0101

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John Carlo enjoys tackling complex legal problems. He delivers solutions that are analytically rigorous and results-driven.

Khrystina McMillan


T 416 642 3133

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Khrystina’s analytical and critical thinking skills help her navigate complex disputes and issues. Understanding that litigation demands often i...

Paul Michell


T 416 644 5359

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A highly experienced and versatile litigator, Paul excels at resolving complex issues through innovative litigation strategies. Clients trust him to p...

Vivien Milat


T 416 644 5341

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Vivien brings extensive expertise in managing complex discovery projects and utilizing technology to advancing clients’ cases in a strategic and...

Zain Naqi


T 416 645 3789

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Zain is a business-minded litigator who advocates strongly for his clients. His approach combines strategic insight with practical problem-solving to ...

Terrence O'Sullivan


T 416 598 3556

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Terry is widely recognized as one of the top litigators in Canada. From high-profile individuals to large corporations, clients rely on Terry to under...

James Renihan


T 416 644 5344

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Ren is a highly effective, creative, and skilled commercial litigator with significant courtroom experience. Clients have confidence in Ren’s pr...

Crawford Smith


T 416 598 8648

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Crawford is a smart and courageous courtroom advocate recognized as a "litigation star" and a "leading litigation lawyer" by Chambers, Benchmark and L...

Sapna Thakker


T 416 642 3132

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Sapna is effective at solving problems while focusing on her clients’ strategic goals. Sapna is dedicated to the needs of her clients and passio...

Philip Underwood


T 416 645 5078

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Phil strives to recognize the underlying interests in any dispute and focuses on providing solutions that create value and maintain important relation...

Brad Vermeersch


T 416 646 7997

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Passionate about his work and deeply knowledgeable in commercial litigation, Brad delivers strategic and creative legal solutions that are grounded in...

Larissa (Moscu) Vermeersch


T 416 360 3018

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A persuasive advocate with a deep understanding of her clients' business realities, Larissa provides smart litigation solutions to address clients&rsq...

Andrew Winton


T 416 644 5342

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A highly persuasive advocate, Andrew provides practical and strategic guidance to help clients achieve the best possible results.

Eun Ji Yoon


T 416 956 0102

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Eun Ji is creative, focused and detail-oriented. Her dedication to producing exceptional work product and commitment to teamwork are an asset on any f...

Jessica Zhi


T 416 644 4016

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Jessica’s organizational and collaborative skills, together with her energy and enthusiasm, are key to the success of our team. Jessica is detai...


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We never just react - we anticipate and plan and prepare. Our experience, instincts, and intense focus allows us to see strengths and opportunities that are the key to success. For our clients, that has made all the difference.