Results | Oct 22, 2021

Superior Court grants summary judgment for online defamatory broadcasts against leading Canadian lawyer

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On October 21, 2021, Justice Perell of the Superior Court of Justice granted judgment to Walied Soliman a prominent Canadian lawyer and civic contributor who was targeted by Daniel Bordman with a series of hateful Islamaphobic broadcasts. Justice Perell awarded Mr. Soliman $500,000 in general and aggravated damages for defamation and issued an injunction against Daniel Bordman. The decision is an important discussion of the defences of fair comment and responsible journalism and the remedies of  summary judgment procedures and injunctions to deal with online defamation and hate. To read the decision, click here: Soliman v. Bordman - CV-20-00636658-0000 - Reasons for Decision - Perell J. - 21-Oct-2021