Results | Nov 1, 2021

Ontario Professional Fire Fighter’s Association Obtains Multi-Million Dollar Judgments against Fraudsters

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The OPFFA obtained two separate Judgments against two fire fighters, Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve, who improperly used their positions on the OPFFA’s Occupation Disease Committee, to defraud the estates and widows of deceased fire fighters and steal millions of dollars in donations intended for the OPFFA. The OPFFA was represented by Rahool Agarwal, Niklas Holmberg and Crystal Li. The two judgments can be accessed here: Judgment of Diamond J., issued October 27, 2021, Judgment of Diamond J., signed April 6, 2021.

Prior to obtaining the Judgments, in June 2019, the OPFFA obtained a Mareva freezing order over Atkinson and Grieve’s assets. The reasons of Justice Diamond granting the order can be accessed here: Endorsement of Diamond J., dated June 25, 2019.