Results | Dec 8, 2020

LOLG Successful at Trial in Breach of Contract Case

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In Ruparell v. J.H. Cochrane Investments Inc. et al., Paul Fruitman and Vlad Calina won judgment for their client (the plaintiff) after an expedited trial. This was an action to enforce a ‘handshake deal’ to buy an auto dealership and the land on which it is located. The plaintiff sued to enforce his contract. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, LOLG moved the breach to judgment in seven months. In that span, LOLG prepared detailed pleadings, exchanged comprehensive productions, conducted multiple discoveries, and had a comprehensive pre-trial. The entire proceeding was conducted virtually. In the result, the Court agreed with LOLG that there was a binding contract and awarded damages. The reasons for judgment can be found here: Ruparell v. J.H. Cochrane Investments Inc.