Other Confidential Mandates

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In addition to the representative mandates listed above, Nadia acts or has acted as:

  • Counsel to a large public company in a successful confidential arbitration in respect of the acquisition of a competing company;
  • Counsel to a first secured creditor in a high-stakes and fast-moving insolvency of the Bombay Company and Bowring;
  • Counsel to the Estate Trustee of the Estate of Wayne Millard in litigation arising from the murders perpetrated by Dellen Millard;
  • Counsel to a large auditor in respect of a $60 million claim arising from alleged fraud;
  • Counsel to various law firms and partners in disputes arising from departures or winding-ups under the Partnerships Act;
  • Counsel in multiple shareholder oppression and estates disputes involving closely-held corporations;
  • Counsel to a defendant in litigation involving allegations of fraud of over $20 million at a regional municipality;
  • Counsel to beneficiaries of a high net-worth estate in acrimonious and litigious estates dispute;
  • Independent legal counsel on a variety of different confidential matters arising from regulatory proceedings and litigation.